3 Most Common Effects of a Storm on Roofs and Siding

A violent meteorological phenomenon such as a storm can affect properties differently. While some can make it through relatively unscathed, others can take severe damage in just a few minutes. To help prevent such an unfortunate event from ever happening, one of the best things you can do is to invest in high-quality home exteriors. Opting for a siding or roofing replacement can be your best defense. The key to this is to find the right contractors for your needs.

To help you come up with a more sensible decision, here’s a list of the three major effects of a storm on roofs and sidings.

1. Snowstorms

Snowstorms can actually put weight on your roof and can even cause damage to your siding as well. Heavy snow that will take a longer time to melt away can cause your roof to collapse and can block your drains that may result in flooding.

2. Hail storms

With a speed of up to 120 mph, hail storms can indeed cause a lot of damages in your home. Huge hailstones often act as bullets creating dents and cracks in your roof and siding. Undetected cracks may result in holes that can allow water to pass through your roof and siding. Your best defense: to invest in roof and siding replacement.

3. Lightning 

Apart from a power outage, lightning can cause serious threats to properties and even to the lives of people living in a community. Once a flash of lightning strikes your home, it can instantly lead to a fire that can damage properties and can end the lives of many.

Keep your loved-ones protected against the possible effects of a storm by contacting skilled and professional siding and roofing contractors. At Exterior Pros, we offer James Hardie® HardiePlank® fiber cement siding that is highly durable and fire-resistant. To request a quote, fill out our online form or contact us at (414) 215-0927. We serve clients in Milwaukee, WI.

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