How to Deal With Common Winter Entry Door Problems

It’s not uncommon for entry doors to get stuck due to cold weather. Fortunately, many of these problems can be solved with simple solutions. In this blog, roofing contractor Exterior Pros shares solutions to common entry door problems in the winter season.

Ice Between the Door and FramesMoisture can get between the door and frame, which expands as the weather gets below freezing, causing the doors to get stuck. A quick solution is to scrape the ice and pour hot water around the frames. Once you have loosened the door sash, make sure you remove as much water as possible from these areas to avoid refreezing. Many homeowners resort to using rock salt on the door, but this may damage nearby landscaping. Instead, use natural deicers that contain magnesium chloride or potassium chloride.
Key Won’t Go Into the LockMoisture can also get into the smallest crevices, which can sometimes result in an unplanned roofing replacement if it gets into the roof. The door lock is one of these small crevices, preventing the use of keys. A spray-on deicer can remove the ice as a temporary measure. However, if moisture persistently gets into the lock, you need to find out where the water is coming from. It could be getting in behind the lock instead of through the front. Reapply door caulking and spray silicone lubricant into the lock to prevent future problems.
Door Is Difficult to Open and CloseThis is a fairly common issue with traditional wooden doors. While the air tends to be dry during the winter season, the cellulose fibers in wood absorb moisture from the snow. This leads to expansion that prevents the door from opening and closing. If you aim to preserve the door, it may be best to keep the door closed until the weather gets a bit warmer, then slightly plane and sand the door edges after the door has slightly shrunk. If expansion from moisture results in warping, you may need to have your door replaced.
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