Tips on Winterizing Your Home’s Entry and Patio Doors

As the temperatures drop with the season, you need to make sure your home is protected from drafts. The roofing contractors at Exterior Pros share tips on how to prevent drafts at your front and patio doors.

Address Air Leaks

If you feel air currents near the closed doors, this means air is leaking through the doors. In addition to drafts, indoor heat can escape through the same leaks, resulting in higher heating costs. Air leaks are typically caused by:

  1. Damaged or Missing Weatherstripping — Weatherstripping seals the gap between the door and frame. Rubber weatherstripping is the more common variety, which can turn stiff and develop cracks at the end of its life span. Fortunately, replacement weatherstripping can be easily obtained through most hardware stores, and installation is fairly simple. Metal weatherstripping is far more durable but will need to be replaced by a professional if damaged.

  2. Warped Door and/or Frame — Building materials, including those used in siding and roofing replacement, expand and contract from temperature changes. Doors are not exempt from this, and are generally not a problem if the material expands and contracts evenly. However, other materials like wood warp as a result of uneven expansion and contraction. This leaves gaps that allow air leaks. Installing a thicker type of weatherstripping may solve this, but if the door is severely warped, a replacement door may be required.

  3. Settling Foundation — If the house foundation settles unevenly, it could apply pressure to the wood frame, resulting in gaps around the frames. The pressure can also make it difficult to open and close the doors door sashes. While this process is slow, the signs are noticeable and should be addressed by a house foundation professional as soon as possible.

Invest In Energy-Efficient Doors

If your doors are equipped with single-pane glass, you are likely losing a lot of heat through them. Glass is a naturally conductive material, therefore a solid piece of glass, set into a door, will conduct heat both ways. In summer, the same type of glass will let outdoor heat through, resulting in higher indoor cooling costs. When buying new patio doors, choose those with ENERGY STAR® certified double or triple-pane glass.

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