Tips to Ensure a Successful Siding Replacement Project

The key to a successful siding replacement is in planning it carefully. Whatever siding options that you ultimately choose will stay on your home for a few decades. In this blog, Exterior Pros shares some tips on how to ensure the success of your siding replacement project.

Get Inspired

The best house designs are driven by inspiration. You may not be designing an entire house from scratch, but siding occupies a significant portion of your home’s exterior. Therefore, aesthetics are as important as features such as durability, life span and maintenance requirements. Take the time to find inspiration from magazines, blogs, social media pages, even from friends and family.

One of the advantages of working with siding and roofing contractors who offer more than one siding option is you don’t have to worry about whether or not the contractor will have the siding that your project requires. Manufacturer-certified contractors like us source our materials straight from the factory, so availability isn’t a problem at all.

Research the Ballpark Price

Every siding replacement project is different. Every home has different wall square footage and every project has different material specifications. This is the reason why you never get a written price quotation from siding contractors until your home is thoroughly inspected. This may be discouraging, but you shouldn’t be. You can ask around for the ballpark price if you have friends or family who have had their siding replaced within the past year. You may not get the exact amount, but you should have enough information to decide on whether or not you can afford to have your siding replaced.

Choose Your Contractor

Once you have decided to have your siding replaced, do not rush your choice of siding contractor. It may sound like a tedious task, but keep in mind that your home deserves the best siding, therefore you need the best contractor you can get. Take the time to verify license and insurance information, call references and their Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile. It may take a lot of work, but getting the right contractor can help ensure a successful siding replacement project.

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