What Does Shingle Cupping Say About Your Roof’s Life Span

Cupping is a type of distortion of individual shingles due to long term exposure to natural elements. Shingles within the slope often appear uniform and may appear different than those in slopes facing other directions.

In today’s post, one of the most trusted roofing contractors, Exterior Pros, discusses what shingle cupping is.

What Is Shingle Cupping?

Severely damaged shingles are often described using terms such as “alligatoring” and “fishmouth.” Distortion is usually caused by aging and is most common to organic or felt-based asphalt shingles.

Cupping shingles are concave in the center with the corners curled downward. Shingles that are cupping are extremely fragile and nearly failing. Foot traffic can cause cupped shingles to break, leading to leaks and even failure.

Stepping on the shingles can leave a trail of damage that may require entire roofing replacement. At Exterior Pros, we offer high-quality asphalt shingles in a wide range of styles, colors and textures to complement your home.

Roof Damage

Most asphalt shingle distortion is a result of worn, old, or fragile roof coverings. Walking on cupped shingles should be avoided, especially in colder temperatures as the shingles are more likely to break.

While it’s best not to step on cupped shingles, if needed, inspectors will tiptoe carefully, avoiding distorted parts of the roof. A cupped shingle roof may not experience leaks and last for a few more years depending on its state.

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