How to Prepare Your Home for a Window Replacement Project

Whether you’re having a window or siding replacement project done for your home, it’s highly recommended that you leave the replacement process in the hands of professionals. After all, a single mistake on your window replacement project can be costly to rectify. However, while you should leave the window replacement project to the pros, that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare your home to make their jobs easier. In fact, there are a few ways you can prepare your home for the project, such as:

Clean the Work Area

One of the ways you can prepare your home for the window replacement project is to clean the area surrounding the windows that will be replaced. This is because dust and pollen on the unclean surfaces can mix with the caulk and may cause it to fail earlier than expected so it’s important that the work area remains as clean as possible during the installation process.

Trim Your Trees

On the other hand, if you have any trees or shrubs near the work area, window and roofing replacement experts recommend that you have them trimmed before the replacement project starts. By doing so, you can create fewer obstacles for your installer, which will allow your project to run faster and smoother.

Remove Furniture

If you have any furniture near the work area, it’s best that you relocate for the duration of the project to prevent creating an obstruction between your windows and the front door. That way, your window replacement professional will have an easier time navigating your home to get your new windows installed.

Secure Your Pets and Children

If you have pets and children living with you, be sure to take steps to ensure their safety during the window replacement project. Secure your pets in a room away from the work area so they don’t bother the crew or wander away from your home. As for your children, meanwhile, inform them of what’s to happen a few days beforehand so they’ll be able to adjust and know to stay away from the work area.

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