The Characteristics of Modern Style Homes

Modern homes offer an alternative to traditional home styles, and open many design possibilities. In this blog, the roofing contractors at Exterior Pros share the defining characteristics of modern style homes.

Modern Vs. Contemporary

Many people use the terms “modern” and “contemporary” interchangeably when referring to home styles. While they do share similar elements such as a minimalist approach to the design, there are distinct differences. Contemporary designs utilize state-of-the-art materials such as glass, porcelain and concrete. A typical contemporary color palette consists of black and white, with shades of gray or neutral colors. Roofing is typically flat or clear-coated metal.

Modern style homes, on the other hand, utilizes “earthy” elements. Wood, brick and handmade decor add a handcrafted look without looking rustic. A wider selection of colors are used on furniture and decor, with warm colors offsetting otherwise bare walls. Exterior remodeling such as siding replacement also utilizes a wider selection of colors.

Characteristics of a Modern Home

Modern homes have certain distinct characteristics:

  1. Minimalist Aesthetics — Modern homes emphasize spaciousness with a minimalist approach to its aesthetics, from furniture selection to choice of door and window styles. Windows without grilles and doors without carvings are typical of modern homes.

  2. Clean Architectural Lines — Clean lines dominate modern homes, eschewing ornamentation whenever possible. Keeping this in mind, modern homes allow more curvature into its design, whereas contemporary homes maintain an austere and angular look.

  3. Open Spaces — Open floor plans and high ceilings compliment the minimalist approach to design. Patios are often built as if it’s part of the adjoining interior space, using visual cues such as the same or similar floor material and furniture.

Therma-Tru® Pulse® Collection

Modern homes deserve an entry door that embodies these characteristics. Leading entry door manufacturer Therma-Tru offers the Pulse collection of modern style entry doors. It comes in three styles:

  1. Ari — Ari features three large rectangular lights, symmetrically centered. This offers the largest glass area among all three styles.

  2. Línea — Línea features a narrow single vertical lite that can be placed center or off-center.

  3. Echo — Echo features three to five small square tiles that can also be positioned center or off-center. Spacing between tiles can be customized.

You can choose from smooth fiberglass, steel, or—for a true modern look—wood-grained fiberglass. The lites are available in a variety of options, including decorative glass, textured glass, and Low-E glass.

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